The Colour Suite

Welcome to the October Colour Suite! For the past few months we I have been taking you on a colour theory journey. This month we are looking at complementary colours. Complementary colours sit opposite from each other on the colour wheel. The colour focus of this complementary challenge is orange and blue. I am sure you are looking at the challenge and thinking but wait Summer you have so much more going on here than just orange and blue. If you have been following the colour suite you know I always work with 5 colours so I added 2 neutrals: linen and espresso and a green. The green was added to give you a bit of contrast.

I admit I had Halloween in mind when I started picking the colours this month. Somehow my vision of Halloween ended up taking a left turn at non traditional. I love the unique direction this challenge took me this month. While my page took a themed approach these colours are really diverse and can take you just about any direction your creative mind will go. Thanks for joining me today and happy crafting

~ Summer

Zombie by Summer Fullerton

Zoo Layout by Rea Custer

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