So many fabulous travel layouts were submitted to us from our fall 2008 call that we just had to share some of them with you.

Here are just a few of our favourites:


Moscow 1992  by Vivian Masket

technique: Vivian created the background design for this layout by repeatedly stamping the same image all over the page.

story: I studied abroad in Russia during the summer between my junior and senior years of college. I was there not long after the breakup of the Soviet Union and it was fascinating to see firsthand the changes that were taking place. I put all of my photos in an album when I returned home from that summer and added simple captions like “Red Square” and “The Hermitage.” I came across my extra set of Russia photos earlier this year and decided that it might be a good idea to create a scrapbook page and journal about my impressions of the experience.


Sedona  by Jennifer Roach, Burlington, ON

technique: Jen created the box using several different styles of letter and number stickers, as well as a rub-on journaling box.

story: I decided to create a 6 x 12 travel album with one layout for each of the places I’ve traveled. This wonderful photo inspired me to scrap my first layout for the album. The 6 x 12 format is a wonderful way to scrap all my older 4 x 6 photos from the pre-digital days


he Louvre  by Isabelle Gagnon, Carignan, QC

technique: I cropped and printed (at home) the picture in an odd size; it’s 5.75” x 9.75”. Then, I sanded the edges and outlined it with my brown zig writer. I also added some Stickles to the journaling tag and the transparency to add a touch of shimmer. The scrolls on the half circles are hand-drawn with Stickles and then outlined with a white Sharpie. I also used the white Sharpie to frame my whole layout and to write the word “The” in my title.

story: We were in Paris for 3 days for my husband’s work, so he had a really busy schedule. On our last day we had a few hours of free time before having to leave for the airport, so we decided to walk down to the Louvre. We were on a mission! We had certain things we wanted to see and about 1hr to do so. If you’ve ever been to the Louvre, you’ll know that you can spend a week visiting and probably wouldn’t see everything. So we set off for a very quick visit. We saw the “Venus de Milo,” “Mona Lisa,” “Madonna on the rocks,” “Napoleon’s apartments,” and a few others as we walked quickly through the pavilions. I really would’ve liked to spend the whole day there taking in all the art and culture, but at least I can say that I’ve been to the Louvre. Who knows, maybe I’ll visit Paris again and I’ll make sure to devote at least 1 whole day to this wonderful place.


Shaman  by Jane Davies, Westbank, BC

technique: Jane used the Making Memories tag maker to create the tags.

story: Two years ago my husband and I spent a three week vacation in Ecuador—it has to be our most favourite vacation ever—the people were wonderful, the scenery and wildlife were amazing. We were able to spend four days in the rain forest. Every day we went out in the boat at sunrise until late morning, and again in the late afternoon until dark, and we saw something different every time.


Lighthouse  by Linda Beeson, Ventura, CA

story: Linda loves to visit lighthouses and to take pictures of them. She formed a little grouping on this layout of the visit to this particular lighthouse


My Disney Album  by Heather Verrier, Grimsby, ON

technique: I put 4 pictures onto a 4×6 in Photoshop Elements. Here is how to do it:

note: I used PSE2—directions may change slightly for a newer version.

  1. Open your picture and create a box (use 2 as the height and 3 as the width).
  2. Select Crop.
  3. Resize your picture to a ratio of 2 by 3 (the higher the number the less detail you will cut out the picture).
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the other three pictures.
  5. Use File -> Create Photomerge.
  6. Arrange the photos 2 across and 2 down and then click Okay.
  7. Resave your merged pictures as a new file to upload to your favourite print store