There are many qualities that continually set apart a professional, sought-after professional photographer from the competition. But one very important quality is the ability to see important, story-telling details in a scene. 


So why is it important to take photographs of details? Because it allows the person viewing the finished photo to tell their own story and complete the whole picture. When we see a photo of a person’s face, not much else is left to the imagination. We already know exactly what that person looks like, how old they are, what kind of smile they have, etc. But when we see a pair of tiny feet splashing through a puddle, or see wrinkled hands holding an old book, our mind immediately begins to imagine and expand the story. We can imagine that the feet belong to a strong-willed, carefree child, breaking free from the indoors to enjoy the puddles outside. Or we can image that the hands belong to a great-grandmother who has served many people over the years. 


As with any photo, there’s no one right way to take detail shots. But there are a few tricks to keep in mind to get the best photo possible and stretch your creativity. 

  • Get in as close as your lens will allow. Many professional photographers will invest in wide-angle or macro lenses in order to take great detail shots. These types of lenses allow you to get in really close and get amazing detail and clarity. 


  • Consider your angle. For example, I love to take pictures of feet but will oftentimes struggle with the angle of the shot. Do I have the person stand or sit? Do I take the picture from above or at ground level? Do I take it from the side or the front? Consider what the most interesting, story-telling angle will be and then try several different ones. There’s no reason to commit yourself to just one particular angle. 


  • Let your subject be natural, especially when photographing kids. A lot of times I want to get a shot of my kids running and playing, and usually that’s not a hard thing to do when I’m taking a photo of the whole scene. But when I want a photo of little feet running, or busy hands playing, then that movement is hard to freeze. Just make sure you’re using a lot of natural light and a fast shutter speed, and keep on trying until you get the right shot.


  • Learn to see details, even without your camera. Many times I’ll watch a person doing something and think, “Wow, I love how her hands move as she knits,” or, “Look how tiny his feet are next to mine.” Everyone notices those types of things, but not everyone thinks to capture those moments with a photo. Try to always keep your camera close by and ready to go so that when those precious fleeting moments arise, you’re able to take a picture before the moment is gone.


~ Elisha Snow

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