Hey everyone! Maggie Massey here with a peek inside my Memory Planner! 

In years past, I've documented my family's daily life in a number of ways. I've created layout after layout, I've kept Project Life Albums and I've used a planner to keep track of what happens day after day. And I gotta tell ya…I've never finished an entire year. I know…it's horrible. But really, I just don't have the motivation to make sure I have a ton of well-lit photos documented with pages of journaling…especially when most days are completely run-of-the-mill. It's just too much pressure.

So this year, I'm trying something a little different. This year I'm letting myself off the hook a bit. This year I'm keeping a smaller, personal-sized Memory Planner with smaller journaling spaces and less room for photos…and this year I'm going to be less overwhelmed by my memory-keeping.

This is the planner I'm using for our day-to-day…

MM - jan25 -1

…the brand new Heidi Swapp 2017 Personal-Size Black & White Stripe Memory Planner.

One thing that makes this year's planner a little different is that I've Frankenstein'd together 2 separate planners (the other one is new from Heidi Swapp, too) to create the perfect spot for my documenting. I removed the pages I didn't want from one and added those from the other that I did want. I put in the dividers that appealed to me most, and I'm keeping only 6 months at a time in my planner so that it's not too big for me to work in. It's taken a long time…and a lot of different versions…but I think I may have just created the perfect planner for me.

MM - jan25 -2

Wanna see a quick look inside?

Before the start of each month I've added a Photo Sleeve. This is where I can keep motivational words and special photos from the month – larger photos that may have more meaning.

MM - jan25 -3

I've also added a couple of Heidi's new inserts from the collection to give me room for more in-depth journaling and spaces for goals & to-do lists.

MM - jan25 -4

My month-at-a-glance pages are where I keep track of major events throughout each month…

MM - jan25 -5

…and the weekly pages are where I'll tell our story.

MM - jan25 -6

MM - jan25 -7

When we take a closer look you can see that I'm still adding photos to these pages…I'm just not adding them for everyday (because, quite frankly, most days aren't all that photo-worthy)…and I'm keeping them smaller – about 1 1/2” wide.

MM - jan25 -11

And I'm documenting each day with a mix of bullet-journaling & short phrases.

MM - jan25 -9

MM - jan25 -10

All in all, I think I'm finding a planning/story-telling style that fits where I am and where we (my kids and husband) are right now. Don't get me wrong…I'm still creating layouts and doing Project Life spreads – after all, some stories are just too big and too important to be told in just a few succinct words. But for daily life…for just getting things written down…this planner is just perfect for me.

Don't be afraid to do what works for you! Just because a certain planner is the ideal way for some people to document doesn't mean it has to be for you, too!

Remember, memory-keeping is about your memories…your taste and style…and your ideas. If something doesn't work for you, change it. There are no hard and fast rules…just get the job done in a way that makes you happy.

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Thanks so much for taking a look!