Were you stuck indoors all winter long like we were here in the Northeast? It was definitely a long winter here and doing any photographing outdoors was out of the question most days. And since we were pounded with snow for a solid 2 months, that means we did not have much light coming in our house. This means I had to really, really look for the good light in our house in order to take any photographs this winter. 

To get a good grasp on how the light comes in our house at any time of year and what my ideal settings are, I normally start with those less opinionated and squirmy subjects: flowers, food and decor!

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Next I move on to subjects that may not always be up for a photo, but lucky for me I can usually do a bit of bribing these days for a photo. My kids are old enough I can angle them various directions to see the light on them and their faces. If you have little ones you can always follow them around, camera in hand, and see the light from their own angles. Takes a bit more time, but worth it!

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We are also a military family which means every 1-3 years we move and I start from scratch looking and searching for where that light comes in our house throughout the day. Some houses provide amazing light and some houses have much to be desired in the light arena! It can sometimes be fun to look around throughout the day to find this light. When your light is not so great in our home, this can be a good opportunity for those more moody photos until you can get back outside.

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So how is the light in your home? Do you have to chase it or are you fortunate to have it come to you? I’m so happy that the spring outdoor light is finding me now and am loving getting outside!

~  Christa Paustenbaugh