Happy May and Happy Monday, my SCT friends! It seems like there’s so much to celebrate these days! My schedule has been jam packed for weeks it seems with various festive occasions.

First came Easter, followed quickly by my birthday (YAY!), and today my nephew turns 18 (how in the heck did THAT happen?). And later this week there’s Cinco de Mayo on Friday (tacos, please!), and Saturday is the annual Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby (I have my hat ready!).

Cinco de Mayo collage

"Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to wear a Mexican inspired shirt, have a taco bar, tequila and cerveza (or margaritas, if that’s your thing!). I tossed in a Mexican flag last year, and voila – insta-celebration!"

When I was a kid, my mom was always so great about making our lives fun, and if there was a reason to celebrate, she was all about that. I think that’s where I get my festive nature. She certainly didn’t do Pinterest-worthy celebrations (so much pressure these days!), but we loved her little breaks from the norm, and it was a good way to learn about something new!

Run for the Roses

"Even if you don’t know a thing about horse racing, the pageantry alone of the Kentucky Derby is worth a look. Those hats and all those GLORIOUS roses! And some pretty impressive horses, too."

Now maybe you don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo or participate in Kentucky Derby festivities, but I bet there’s something you WILL want to celebrate this coming Saturday! If it’s the first Saturday in May, you know it’s International Scrapbook Day, and of course, we love to have our very own holiday, don’t we?!? It’s the perfect excuse to embrace your love of memory keeping!

SCT NSD logo

Make a date with yourself on Saturday —

  • Lock yourself in your craft room and immerse yourself in projects (let the kids and hubby fend for themselves!).
  • Get together with friends who love to scrapbook, too. Share tips and ideas and just have fun!
  • Indulge yourself with a crafty shopping spree (whether online or in a store).
  • Watch technique and how-to videos to inspire you!
  • Go out and take pictures around your hometown, around your yard, around your house.
  • Peruse social media for all kinds of inspiration.
  • Visit us right here as WE celebrate all day long with inspiration and prizes!
  • Make layouts that celebrate your life!

How do YOU plan to celebrate International Scrapbook Day? If you haven’t made any concrete plans just yet, you’ve got 5 days to cook up something fun! And just think! Only 158 days until World Card Making Day!

Here’s to festive celebrations, and especially here’s to International Scrapbook Day!

Susan R. Opel, Editor-in-Chief

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