Hello friends! So glad you've joined us today. It's been such a wonderful week around the SCT offices. This week we released our brand new 2016 Creative Planner for preorder to an incredible response! Thank you! As it's always a sold out issue, we hope you'll order it here before it's gone! We also opened registration for Crop & Create Moncton this week. So exciting to see so many of our friends joining us again from the past 4 years but also to see so many new friends joining us too! 

This week we also received a sweet box from friend and contributing writer Jennifer McGuire with a beautiful challenge…share handmade kindness.


 "I think every one of us can agree that we love to create — cards, scrapbook pages, treats, and more. Making things by hand makes us happy. And when we share these creations with others, we also share that happiness. There’s nothing better! It’s a simple act of kindness that can brighten someone’s day and leave a lasting impression… and our world needs more kindness.

So, wouldn’t it be fun to encourage each other to turn the joy of creating into the kindness of giving? I hope you will join me here during the month of November for a Share Handmade Kindness Challenge.” Each week throughout the month, we’ll challenge each other to share an act of handmade kindness with someone. Any act of kindness made with the hands from the heart counts! We’ll support each other in sharing these acts of handmade kindness with friends and family, children facing challenges, those who work in our communities (nurses, teachers, etc.), and complete strangers who may need a smile.

Oh, and by the way, throughout the month, I will be encouraging everyone to consider supporting The Kind Campaign, an awesome organization that is working to end bullying. I will be making donations, too!

To participate, stop by {HERE} any time during the month of November. I will offer simple challenges and make it easy to be involved. You are welcome to spread the word with the hashtag#sharehandmadekindness. I hope you’ll join me in turning our joy of creating into the kindness of giving!" ~  Jennifer McGuire

Here at SCT we love to spread kindness every where we go so this challenge speaks to our very core value. And we love that Jennifer has spent a great deal of time to put this beautiful challenge together to lift others. She's pretty incredible herself. So we are ALL IN and hope you'll join us too. Today I wrote a card to our family's nurse practitioner. She is always there when we need her and deserves a little "thanks!"  Who on your list do you think could use a lift? There's never been a better time than now to do it.

Each week we'll be following Jennifer's challenge and challenge all our SCT readers to join us too. Please feel free to send us a picture of your handmade item that we can share in an upcoming blog post!  Just put "handmade challenge" in your reference line and send it to me at catherine@scrapbookandcards.com. 

The world could use a little more kindness so let's make it happen!

~  Catherine

Publisher, Scrapbook & Cards Today