Hi there Scrapbook & Cards Today friends! Kimber McGray here and I want to introduce you to the new planner collection from Jillibean Soup – Day2Day! When we decided to come out with this planner collection, Jill and our designers did a lot of research on what was on the market and what they would like to see in our collection. We combined six of our core Jillibean colors with the fun and graphic designs that we are known for to create a planner collection that you can use for years to come!


The collection begins with a choice of 2 hard board binders that are printed with either teal stripes or white polka dots. The binder is a standard A5, 6-ring binder size.


The next part of the planner are the calendar inserts. Our inserts are color coded by month. All the pages in the month match. None of the pages have dates on them. You can add them when you purchase them. This allows the flexibility of starting mid year or even next year. 

There are 3 different parts of the calendar:

  • Month at a glance
  • Full month view
  • Weekly view


The month at a glance that has places to write in monthly goals, birthdays, important dates and notes.


The full month view is undated – add the numerical days with stamps, stickers or just with a pen. 

Off to the left of the page you there is a place for notes and remember this.


The weekly view is also undated – fill in the date at the top.

On the left page there are areas to add: Top 3 goals, tasks, meal plan, shopping, appointments and contact. These are to be used a check lists to be added to as you start the week and as the week progresses.

The right side page has a block for each day of the week so you can break down in more detail what you need to do each day. Here are how a few have used their Day 2 Day Planner…


Megan Hoeppner


Leanne Allison


Wendy Antennuci

And some of the fun products in the Day 2 Day line:


We have a set of pocket dividers that are also color coordinated that you can use to separate each month. These are perfect for holding tickets, gift cards, receipts, additional notes or whatever you may need that month such as supplies to use in your planner.

Here’s a close up of the month at a glance page for December with the number stickers added as well as a few of the great planner goodies we have available.


Let’s start with some of the fun accessories that you can purchase to use with your planner. All of these items also coordinate and were made specifically to fit in our planner with ease.


There are 2 bookmark options. These are both heavy duty clear plastic. One has a beautiful floral design and the other has the days of the week. Since these are plastic, you can use a dry erase marker on it and make a quick note of something that needs done on the day of the week. They are made to pull in and out of the planner without opening the rings. Just a gentle pull and you can move it to the next week.


My favorite item in the collection is the clear zipper bag. There are 2 different designs of this very practical bag. The bag has the 6 holes punched in it to fit in your binder and a zipper so you can keep pens, stickers, washi tape, cash or whatever else you may need on the go. They both have fun designs on clear vinyl so you can still see what is in the bag.


The mini number stickers are also color coordinated to match the different months. You get the perfect amount of stickers for a full year. Keep the stickers the same as the month or mix it up and make a fun color combo.


If you are a stamper, you will love the 3 different stamp sets that we have to offer. All of these stamps are sized to fit inside the squares of our month at a glance pages. Use the numbers to add the dates and use the rest to keep your self organized.


Stickers… we LOVE stickers! We have new puffy and epoxy stickers to help add a little fun and interest to your planner. The little pizza sticker is my favorite and is used often. 🙂


Another new type of sticker for us are clear stickers! These little word or sentiment stickers have clear backgrounds and your choice of black or colored text. When you add them to your planner you only see the words. LOVE them!


Check out these little square cardstock stickers. They are perfectly sized to fit in the squares of the month at a glance page. They are fun icons and designs used to jazz up a day that you may not have a lot going on or that you just want to add a little pick-me-up to make yourself smile. You may notice that these coordinate with our Chit Chat Chowder collection. We used some of the same graphics in both collections. 


The next set of “stickers” are actually removable stickers, just like a post-it note. Add a To Do to a day and if you don’t get to it, move it to the next day. Again, these are sized to fit perfectly in the squares of the month at a glance pages.


Ahhh… washi tape. Who doesn’t love brightly colored paper tape? We have 3 designs to use with our planner, the floral that you will find on the zipper bag and the bookmark appears again on some tape. The other rolls have different sentiments or words on them that you can tear off and add anywhere in your planner. 

Day2Day23    Day2Day24    Day2Day25

Finally, paper clips! We have 2 different sets of shaped clips and a set of clips that have fun icon toppers. These are great to use anywhere in your planner to keep a loose note, photo or anything else that you just need to hold on to.

As you can see, we didn’t come to the planner world without a lot to offer. We are very excited about this collection and all the fun pieces that can be used to personalize it just for you!

Over the next couple of months we will share samples of what our team has created with these supplies, both in their planners and outside of their planners.

Owner, Jill Yegerlehner created a great video to walk you through this collection. Check it out! It’s fun to see it in action as she flips through and shares all the collection with you.

Thank you for joining us today as we share our new Day 2 Day planners! For more ideas on how to use these products both inside and outside of our planners, be sure to follow our Pinterest Board here!

~ Kimber McGray ~ Jillibean Soup