We’re so glad you’ve joined us today as we introduce our brand new 2018 Team. This amazing team will be bringing you inspiration throughout the year in the pages of our magazine, right here on the blog, through online classes, kits and SO MUCH more! The start of the year is always an exciting one as we work with our new team and this year is no exception. Without further adieu, here is our 2018 Team …

2018 Scrapbook & Cards Today Creative Team

Each day this week we will be introducing you to a few team members. Let’s get started …

Susan R. Opel - 2018 Scrapbook & Cards Today Team
Cathy Zielske - 2018 Scrapbook & Cards Today Team
Jen Walker - 2018 Scrapbook & Cards Today Team
Jennifer S. Gallacher - 2018 Scrapbook & Cards Today Team

Thank you again for joining us today and if you wish to leave a comment for our team in your comments below, feel free! They always love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!