Vinyl, vinyl EVERYWHERE!!!

Do you love to create with vinyl or iron-on material, but get frustrated sorting, organizing and storing the unruly rolls?


Totally Tiffany, our favorite organization guru, has solved your dilemma with her new Vinyl Roll Organizer set. This is such a simple solution, we know you’re going to love it as much as we did. The Vinyl Roll Organizer Set, or VRO, includes 3 components: trays, sleeves, and pockets.


The trays are designed to hold up to 7 rolls of vinyl or iron-on material. Trays are sold in sets of 6, and all 6 will tuck perfectly into your “cube” style shelving or sit neatly on a shelf. As a side note, if you’re using the Totally-Tiffany Lois Tote, 4 of the trays will snugly into the tote. 



The pockets are designed to hold the small scraps of vinyl or iron on material that are left over when you’re finished with a project. The pockets will slide into the trays so you can keep your rolled products and matching scraps together, leaving you less material waste!  




The sleeves – (Hallelujah, chorus of angels singing…) are the most amazing part of the set. Rather than taping, rubber banding, or just letting your vinyl unroll, slip the rolls into these handy clear sleeves and your rolls will stay neat, tidy, safe, visible and ORGANIZED! 


When you combine all of the pieces of this set together, you’ll be able to sort, store and organize all of your vinyl rolls and scraps into one nice, neat & functional system! 


If you have a vinyl mess in your craft room, check out the Vinyl Roll Organizer set, along with the trays, pockets, and sleeves, which are all available, too, in the Totally Tiffany shop!

Have any other organizational challenges? Be sure to check out all that Totally Tiffany offers!