Happy New Year, friends!

A fresh new calendar is full of possibilities, and we’re so excited to embark on another year and decade of inspiration with you! We’ve been gearing up for 2020 behind the scenes, and we’re so excited about what’s to come.

This week we are revealing our 2020 Creative Team. SO EXCITING! We’ve gathered a crew of amazingly talented ladies, and we just know that you will be so inspired by them.

Before we introduce our new team, it’s time to say good-bye and THANK YOU to four of our beloved team members from 2019 who won’t be with us in 2020. For various reasons, Sheri Reguly, Virginia Nebel, Jill Dewey Hawkins, and Jennifer Gallacher won’t be continuing with Scrapbook & Cards Today in the new year. Ladies, we’ll miss you and your amazing creations. All of you have an incredible knack for sparking our creativity!

Now it’s time to welcome back our returning team members. I have to tell you; these ladies are serious ROCK stars! I give them an assignment, and they make magic. It’s a joy to watch!

 I thought it would be fun to give you a taste of their talent and style by sharing a project they created for one of our recent issues:

 Wendy Sue Anderson


 Meghann Andrew

 Nathalie DeSousa

 Lisa Dickinson

 Paige Evans

 Nicole Nowosad

 Latisha Yoast

 We are thrilled to welcome three new members to our team for 2020! All three are mad talented, great to work with, and lovely human beings, and we are POSITIVE that you will adore them. Let’s take a look at a project from each of them that appeared in one of our issues:

 Mindy Eggen

 Nathalie Leonelli

 Erica Thompson

 Introducing all of the faces of our 2020 Creative Team

SCT Magazine - 2020 Design Team

I also want to take a moment to also welcome Paige Evans as our new Creative Editor too! One girl, two hats!

Join us right here on our blog Tuesday through Thursday this week as we take the time to learn more about this spectacular group of ladies.

 Here’s to 2020! May it be a year full of many blessings and abounding inspiration.

 ~ Susan R. Opel, Editor-in-Chief