Happy Magazine Monday, friends!

One of my very favorite things about this hobby that we love is the friends that I’ve made along the way. And what could be better than getting together with those friends to create together?

I recently had the chance to join 44 other creative souls for three full days of crafting sisterhood. And man oh man was it FUN! I’m not gonna lie, there was a lot of chatting and shenanigans in between our crafty times. But when we DID sit down to create, it was magical.

Occasionally I would walk around the room and check out what everyone was working on. These are some mega-talented people. Here are a few shots I gathered:

Wow, right? When you get together, you can share tips and learn new things. You can be enabled to buy more cool stuff, too! That seriously happened to me. And the hugs were some of the best!

Here’s a shot of me and a ton of the ladies present. Apparently, I need a longer selfie stick since I couldn’t fit everyone in!

Scrapbook & Cards Today LOVES getting together with creative friends! Check out our Crop & Create events and join in the fun! While you learn a lot and get time to create, those friendships will make your heart swell.

Were you able to celebrate {inter}National Scrapbook Day with friends? Tell us what you did in the comments below!

Here’s to creativity and here’s to crafty friends!

Susan R. Opel, Editor-in-Chief