Hello and a very happy 2015! I’m delighted to be back as your ease-into-the-week companion. I hope you’re coming off of a lovely holiday season, full of memories to cherish (and scrapbook!).  This Christmas was an extra fun one in our household, as my daughter is now two and really enjoyed everything about the festivities. Had me feeling like a kid all over again.


And now that the new year has officially started, I have the pleasure of feeling like a kid in a candy store—it’s CHA time! Yes, the Craft & Hobby Association trade show is THIS week, which means the new crafting companies we adore will be promoting their new lines. Yay! I’m joining several of my SCT friends for this inspiring adventure in Anaheim, California, and I know we all have a common question in mind:

What do you want to see in SCT?

We’d love nothing more than to step onto that CHA floor with your wish list in hand.


Are there specific brands you’re interested in seeing more of? Any techniques you want to learn more about? Next week, I’ll bring you a look at the show floor right here on the blog, and you bet I’ll be reading your comments here as I prepare for that! Thanks, in advance, for any guidance you provide.



In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d also share a few creative resolutions from your SCT team members. Go get ‘em, ladies!

Cathy Zielske

“My creative resolution is to continue to simplify and to keep memory keeping as authentic as possible. I recently did some stuff for Ali’s Firsts Story Kit and felt so creatively freed by NOT promoting my own digital stuff and just focusing on telling stories. It’s the reason I do this, you know? For stories. And photos.  So, that. That and simplicity.” — Cathy Zielske


“Simply create more. With the start of my business and moving around the world, I can count on one hand the amount I have created in the last year.”—Christa Paustenbaugh


“I’ve had a big project that I’ve wanted to tackle for several years now. Breaking down the insane number of full albums I created for my two daughter’s first few years of life, narrowing down the content (since back then, I would scrap literally every single photo I took), and re-working them into Project Life style albums.


What you see in this photo is 3 packed albums that contain photos from my oldest daughter’s first year (she’s 18 now!). And what you don’t see is that a good amount of these pages aren’t even finished, don’t contain journaling, and just don’t have much meaning behind them. I know there’s a better way to document her first few years (along with her sister), and this is the year that I want to make that happen.”—Laura Vegas

Jen Headshot January 2014

“Add more Paper Crafting/DIY projects to my list of “must do’s.” As the daughter of an Interior Designer, I’m always thinking about ways to update and refresh my house. Why not take my plethora of paper supplies and make some pretty things.”—Jen Gallacher 


“My scrappy resolution is to journal more – go deeper into the story!”—Lisa Dickinson


“I would like to simplify, as I find all of the ‘stuff’ overwhelming and stifling at times. I’d also like to do more things for me. While that may sound selfish, I teach elementary art and create projects for others. I’d like to do more projects for myself, my home, and my kids.”—Marla Kress

“I’m not sure if this qualifies, but I have resolved to making more of the memories rather than spending time documenting them. Sometimes I feel caught up in the process of getting stuff done when I could be spending time with my family creating memories instead.”—Nicole Nowosad


“I have a few resolutions:

1. To handwrite my journaling more.  I don’t like my handwriting so I always default to computer journaling.  I think looking back on my albums, I will appreciate my scrawl (I mean handwriting) in addition to the story behind the photos.

I have converted my handwriting to a computer font…so that is the step in the right direction, ha!

2. I love making cards but never send them (insert shock face).  yeah guilty, guilty, guilty!! So it is my resolution this year, to ‘make it, write it, send it!”—Virginia Nebel



There are many on the list, actually. Some big and scary. Others small but important to me. One of the more overwhelming is to get my craft room back in working order. Eventually, I hope that will mean a fresh design, as well. As much as I’ve loved the pink and black, I’m ready for something a bit less . . . BAM! But, first thing’s first—I must tame the beast.

I can’t believe I’m so openly airing my dirty laundry (none of that in here, at least), but I’m hoping it will help motivate me to do it to it this year.


After all, there are amazing things in here, but I’m so overwhelmed by the state of this union that I simply can’t face the heap in order to find the diamonds in such rough.


Even my stuffed friends have huddled together, seeking protection from the madness.


And a “closet” that’s bursting at the seams? It’s a wild scene, my friends! (And so embarrassing!)


So I’m going on record, hoping that this public display of rejection will help keep me motivated. Motivated to ultimately redesign (new paint and such). Until that day comes, to at least get back to something like this:


In the meantime, I’ll continue to craft in my downstairs space (a corner of our family room), which doesn’t come close to looking this good at the moment either. Ugh.


Whew! Feels good to get that off my cluttered chest. Thank you!



Have a deep, dark, embarrassing secret you want to share? Nah. You don’t have to have Disaster Cleanup 2015 on the calendar to share. We’d love to read your creative resolution, no matter how big or how modest.  If you’re inspired to share, simply leave a comment below.


Thank you for joining SCT for another awesome year! I can’t wait to see where the next 12 months take us. Until then, I look forward to receiving your magazine ideas and/or reading about your own creative goals here.


~  Megan Hoeppner

P.S. I may or may not be debuting my own line this week. So overwhelmed, excited, scared to death–pretty much the full spectrum of emotions–about this! I’ll be sure to give you an insiders look where that’s concerned soon, too. In the meantime, do you mind crossing your fingers for me? I’m super nervous and really want things to go well (eep!). Your good vibrations will surely help calm those nerves a bit. *gulp* Thank you!


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