Hello SCT scrappers! It’s Lisa Dickinson here today with a few organizational ideas for you for today’s Tuesday Team Tip, and they are all based around the RAINBOW! I am definitely a scrapper whose process is motivated by color. I select my products based on the color scheme of my photos, and most of my design decisions revolve around all things color. And so, it makes sense that my supplies should be arranged by color. Once I started organizing things that way, it made creating a layout so much easier!

I put all my embellishments like buttons, metal flair, and paper clips in mason jars sorted by color. That way, when I need a little bit of red or a touch of blue to finish a page, I just grab the jar and select my option from there!

For smaller items like brads, eyelets, or gems and smaller tags and die cuts, I sort them by color in small buckets. I found a package of 20 buckets in the wedding section of my local craft store and they are gray for sorting smaller pieces that tend to get lost.

Another place I use ROYGBIV organization is my paper scraps. I keep larger pieces of cardstock in hanging folders organized by color so that when I need to punch or die-cut a particular color, I can just grab that folder and find the perfect piece!

If you’re looking for an easy way to store your supplies (and you’re as color-motivated as me!) just look to the rainbow. It’s a great way to keep things organized and look pretty while doing it!

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