Hi everyone! Jennifer Tryon, here for Crafter’s Companion and Spectrum Noir!

If you’re someone who believes Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving are all card giving (and making) occasions then we can be friends.

When stamping for card making this season, nothing beats the blend of an alcohol marker. Not even pumpkin spice!  Alcohol markers allow you to take your pumpkin colouring and all your other colouring projects to the next level and Spectrum Noir’s new Classique Markers can get there without breaking the bank.

In the six years since the inception of the Spectrum Noir markers, they have collected information about functionality and use, and have come up with this new marker, Classique, that performs just as well as its competitors, for a fraction of the price.

You might be familiar with our original Spectrum Noir Colouring System markers, which have been completely redesigned and relaunched for a more premium user experience.

So if you’re looking to do a little pumpkin colouring this season here are some PRO TIPS.

Remember this:   3 colours – 4 steps.

Repeat after me: Light, Dark, Medium, Light.

LIGHT, DARK, MEDIUM, LIGHT….. Keep saying it! that’s the key to the perfect blend with Spectrum Noir Classiques.

  1. Start by using your LIGHT colour first:

2. Then use your darkest colour in all the spots you think there might be a bit more shade.  With the pumpkins, that’s by the stems, along the sides and near the ground.

Now at this stage you might be thinking it’s not working…have faith!

3.  Bring in your MEDIUM shade, and colour just along the edge of your dark.

4.  Finally, bring back your LIGHT shade, and colour over what’s left, and just keep going, with your Light, Dark, Medium, Light.

I used both the bullet nib for smaller areas and the chisel tip for big areas, both are Japanese nibs and the ink flows beautifully. The new barrel is comfortable and the colours on the caps are digitally matched to the ink. All great new things about the Classiques.

Even colours that aren’t in the same colour family can easily blend together.

Last tip: Once you’re finished colouring your image, try tracing around the perimeter of your entire image with one of the lightest Blues or Grey tones. This will help it pop off the page!

Ok one last time, repeat after me, Light, Dark, Medium, Light!

Here’s a quick video I created to show you just how it came together…

Happy Fall & Happy Colouring!

~ Jennifer Tryon

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