Are you new to alcohol-based coloring and have a hard time figuring out how to blend colours like a pro? The awesome Spectrum Noir TriBlend 3-in-1 alcohol markers from Crafter’s Companion make it easy for crafters to enjoy the super-smooth coverage and blended effects of alcohol markers with their unique 3-in-1 design. Three ink chambers inside the marker deliver a separate colour through a fine bullet nib—three blendable shades that combine perfectly for stunning depth and dimension every time! 


Inside every TriBlend marker there’s a perfect gradation of three colours, numbered from light to dark. The result is a smooth, controllable blend with beautiful shades you’ll return to time and again. The three colours inside each TriBlend pen have been carefully developed to produce a smooth controlled gradation, giving you the same result each and every time, with no trial and error or guesswork.


Created by @glamour_crafts

Using TriBlend markers couldn’t be any easier! To create a colorful design like the one above, simply follow these four easy steps to use the TriBlend Brush marker to color a petal, and repeat the same process for each section of your image: 

  1. Light Color: Start with the lightest color marker and color 3/4 area of the petal
  2. Dark Color: While the lightest ink is still wet, color the dark area of the petal with the darker shade where the shadow would be in a real scene.
  3. Use the mid-tone to slightly blend the color between the dark and light shades.
  4. Using the lightest color again, color over the section to complete the petal.


TriBlend will bring awesome realistic shade to your colouring, with stunning levels of depth and dimension with no guess-work or waiting for the correct shade to appear. With TriBlend you know exactly what you’re going to get: three beautiful, related shades that will always blend wonderfully, and that you can return to time and time again!

Want to see these markers in action? Check out this fun Colour Me Happy video from Crafter’s Companion—we think it will make you want to drop what you’re doing and colour—and be sure to follow Crafter’s Companion at the links below for more colourful inspiration! 

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